When Vulcan Construction Group installs any element of a bathroom remodel, many times, our customers have lots of important questions about how the installation may affect their daily routines. We strive to be transparent and educate our customers about how the process works both so that they can best prepare and so that we can best manage their expectations as to what the working days will look like.

Here are the top ten questions that our customers most often have about their bathroom remodels.

  1. Can I still use my bathroom while you work?
    • We do our best to allow you access to the bathroom nightly. However, the shower area can be occupied by our team for a few days, depending on the complexity of the project. We are not a “done-in-one-day” company because what we do is much more extensive, due to the quality of work that we provide and the time that it takes to ensure that quality and the durability and reliability of your new equipment
  2. How long will my water be off?
    • Normally, we only have to shut the water off for about an hour or two. After that, there might be some on-and-off times, but this should not significantly disrupt the rest of your home. Often times, usually in open basements, we are able to turn off the water in the bathroom only, without affecting other rooms of the home.
  3. Can you do the project in stages, so I can still use my bathroom?
    • Unfortunately, the bathroom is the smallest room in the home and we don’t recommend breaking down the bathroom remodel into different projects. We do not leave a project until it is complete, so our customers never have to wonder, “Where’s my contractor?”
  4. Will I have to go to a hotel?
    • We place plastic linings around your home to keep the dust down while we drywall. Additionally, we place the paper down on the floors to cover our paths in and out of the home. We do everything we can do to keep the job as clean and non-disruptive as possible. However, there is one thing that’s hard to get around – we tend to be loud while completing our bathroom remodeling projects simply due to the nature of the demolition and the installation. However, very rarely does a customer opt to go to a hotel.
  5. How long is your workday?
    • We work an 8-hour day and we work with you on our start and stop times based on your own personal schedule, preference, and needs.
  6. Do you work on weekends?
    • We do not currently install bathroom remodels on the weekend days.
  7. Can you do the plumbing if I have a finished basement?
    • We can do the plumbing, even if the basement is finished. It is a little more expensive, due to the additional labor involved.
  8. How long will my project take?
    • We can normally install a tub-to-shower conversion in a few days. We can install a shower with flooring, a vanity and a toilet in about a week.
  9. What if I have to be gone during the day while you’re working?
    • Our customers come and go as they please. We make sure that we have your contact information for any questions that you may have, but you certainly have the freedom to leave during the day to do anything that you need or want to do as we continue to work in your home. Our crews are made up of insured employees of Vulcan Construction Group, not subcontractors.
  10. How much does a tub-to-shower-conversion cost?
    • Kindly contact us for a free, no-pressure quote

We hope that these top ten questions and answers help you in determining if a home accessibility construction company is right for you and your bathroom remodel. 

To schedule an appointment please call our President, Ayo Afolabi at 443-743-7000 or email him at info@.vulcanconstructiongroup.com

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